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A Home Remedy for Hives – Actually, A Cure for Hives

 A Home Remedy for Hives   Actually, A Cure for Hives

Yes, there is a difference between a remedy and a cure. a lot of people are looking for a remedy, but what they don’t realize is that a remedy implies that you only treat the symptoms, and the condition is temporarily cured. a cure on the other hand is something that permanently resolves the condition, so that you never have to think about it ever again. in this article, you will learn how to do just that. it is extremely easy to cure hives. That wasn’t always the case. the difference now is that we know exactly what causes it, and how to stop that cause.

As you probably know there are countless possible causes for hives. That’s why doctors put the label ‘idiopathic’ on most urticaria symptoms. That means that the cause is unknown. the possible causes of urticaria range from a simple allergy, to a more complex vitamin deficiency. But in all those cases, the cause is still one. Urticaria is caused by an inability of the body to synthesize certain long-chain polyphenols. That sounds complex, but you don’t need to know all about it in order to cure your urticaria. the home remedy for hives consists simply of enabling your own body to recognize the problem and to cure it. this is not done through a complex diet and exercise combination, as many experts will have you believe. It’s just one simple thing that you are probably missing.

So, curing hives at home is easy – why my doctor didn’t tell me so?

There are countless reasons for this. for one, society does not accept simple and natural cures, they think that they need to go to their pharmacy and get some complex-sounding pill, which will cure the problem. Hives is very similar to herpes or yeast infection. for example, the yeast that causes yeast infection is everywhere. Still, only a small percentage of people become affected by it. That’s because of the natural balance of bacteria in your body. Fix that, and the yeast infection disappears. But still, doctors prescribe anti-fungal products which are designed to kill the yeast. That works of course – for a few months. after that time, the infection comes back, simply because yeast is everywhere and you cannot keep yourself from getting it.

That’s exactly the case with hives. People who go the medication route will often find that they keep getting hives a couple times a year. There’s even a term for that – ‘chronic urticaria’. of course, the urticaria is chronic simply because the root cause is still there, despite the fact that it can be easily removed. keep in mind that the home remedy for hives works for virtually all cases of hives, including the more rare ones like water urticaria or solar urticaria, and will cure them in a few hours.

Living with hives

Despite the relatively easy way to get rid of hives at home, a lot of people will choose to get a cream or an anti-allergen pill, and then deal with the problem again when it shows up. By doing that, you are making a compromise with your health. Hives is a sneaky condition, and can often develop internally, and not only on the skin. That means that you may have a hives outbreak, without even knowing about it, because it is affecting muscle tissue, and not your skin. of course, complications from hives are relatively rare, but they still point to a problem with your health, that needs to be resolved. That’s why it is important to actively take measures to eliminate this problem from your life permanently.

Taking medication

We already said that urticaria can be harmful to your body, and doesn’t just present a cosmetic problem. well, that said, the most harmful thing about urticaria is taking drugs and medications to ‘control’ the outbreaks. Depending on the individual, urticaria outbreaks can occur anywhere from once a year to once a day. Drugs, used to control these outbreaks, like Allegra, Benadryl, Claritin, Promethegan and many more have one thing in common – they are harmful to your body. almost all of them cross the blood brain barrier, despite claiming not to do so, and cause foggy brain. They control the urticaria outbreaks by stopping fluid from getting into tissues, which over time worsens urticaria if you are not taking the drugs – it causes a chemical dependence on the drug. All of those risks can be avoided very easily, but still countless people will suffer from them, because of one thing – blindly taking advice from doctors, without thinking for themselves, and doing their own research. Listening to doctors is good – they usually spend their entire lives learning about how the human body works, and how to get rid of health problems. That said, they follow protocol and prescribe the drug that will work the quickest, regardless of whether or not it will help the patient long-term. also, many doctors are not aware of the newest discoveries in the health field, and still operate on knowledge, which became obsolete years ago.

A Home Remedy for Hives – Actually, A Cure for Hives

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