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Acute Hives Treatment – Find out More

 Acute Hives Treatment – Find out More

There are various forms of acute hives treatment. Conventional forms usually involve antihistamines, and in more serious forms the use of oral steroids. A good diet and avoidance of the allergens is also part of acute hives treatment. However, in most cases of acute hives the cause is never found.

Hives are considered acute if they have been present for less than six weeks. in most cases, acute hives will only last a few days, and normally no longer than two weeks. although overall hives are usually a result of an over-active immune system, case of hives are usually triggered by some sort of allergen.

Before treatment begins, doctors will usually try to identify what triggered the reaction. Reactions are typically caused by infections, drugs, insect stings, food allergies, or physical contact with items. So, if you can recall any new medication, new foods, or other items you have been in contact with it will be helpful.

Whether the trigger is identified or not the doctor will prescribe an antihistamine.  Antihistamines are usually categorized by new and older forms. Older antihistamines like Benadryl and Vistaril often have bothersome side effects and have to be taken more often. Newer forms such as Claritin and Allegra only have to be taken once or twice. most people like these more for acute hive treatment because they cause less drowsiness.

Severe hives do not get better with antihistamines so oral steroids will be prescribed. If these do not help either, the doctor will discuss other treatments that are available and probably recommend a dermatologist of allergist. There are natural treatments that can be used for acute hive treatment, but they should be discussed with your doctor first.


In hives, acute cases can have several different causes. most people believe that they are a result of an allergic reaction, but in reality they have a deeper underlying cause, although it isn’t always identified. according to Allergies.about.com, one of the most common causes is a viral infection, especially in children. sometimes acute hives are also related to other infections like athlete’s foot, strep throat, and urinary tract infections.

Stress is another common cause of acute hives. you may not even feel particularly stress, but if you are very busy your body may react. Chronic infections such as hepatitis or metabolic diseases such as high or low thyroid function also may be root causes, but they are usually linked to chronic forms of hives. If you think that you or someone you know may be breaking out in hives, you can take a look at acute hives pictures on the web at the following sites:

  • Skinsight.com
  • Dermatology.about.com
  • Worldallergy.org

Acute Hives Treatment – Find out More

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