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allergic reaction hives images

1319175040 21 allergic reaction hives imageswhat’s the difference between allergies and allergic?

Because I ate too much chocolate with peanuts in it and I never had allergic reaction before but not I do and I have hives all over & I google imaged Hives and it looks exactly like the hives I have. I don’t have benadryll or anything but I do have allergy pills like Tylenol and stuff. is there a difference between allergies and allergic?my hives dont give pain.they just itch ):i think they are hives..im 14 loli googled image hives and they look the same as what i got ):

these words are the same…

if you have allergies, you’ll observe or suffer from an allegic reaction…don’t make life complicated…

well, take the tylenol or please inform your parents first…

do it before complications starts to be severe

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allergic reaction hives images

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