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Allergic reaction , how can i get rid of my hives?

 Allergic reaction , how can i get rid of my hives?

ive had an allergic reaction , and came out in some hives , they are hot , itchy and bumpy . i went to the pharmasitc and they suggested some creme , however seems pretty useless , i cant have antihistamines as im allergic , can anyone suggest any natural remedies , or other medicines , its driving me nuts !

Because you are allergic to antihistamines and you are suffering hives as an allergic response then so far as i can see you must find out exactly what caused the reaction and if possible remove it from your surroundings entirely. Any soothing anti inflammatory creams may contain types of anti histamines, always double check the ingredients. An all natural cream may help the itching and cold compresses will help diminish the heat. Loose clothing that allow the skin to breath helps too.

Have you tried medicine like Piriton? thats what I use when I get hives but I am not sure if this has some sort of antihistamine in it though. take a cool shower, it can really relieve the itchiness and the heat. If you can't get rid of them you should go and see a doctor, especially if they are causing you a lot of problems and discomfort. Hope you feel better soon x

I get them as well my friend. let me tell you now that I know of only one way to get rid of them.

Leave the hives bee (Tee hee sorry about the pun)

You have to leave them alone and wait. No scratching. this can take a while but it is effective.

Health food stores, and maybe some pharmacies, sell Aloe Vera gel. this is very effective for rashes and insect bites and of course is a natural product. Worth a try. it works on me!

Allergic reaction , how can i get rid of my hives?

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