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Any effective home remedies for hives?

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I have chronic hives due to allergies, and I'm undergoing allergy shots. I take antihistamines daily (Claritin), and at the advice of my pharmacist, use Ivarest for a topical lotion. however, I'd like a homeopathic treatment for hives. I've tried oatmeal baths, cold wet washcloths, and numerous other ointments with no real relief. Any other EFFECTIVE ideas?

my brother has the same problem and uses baby oil on the affected areas.

First thing in the morning, have all your family members pee into the tub, add one quart of plain yogurt, the peels of two cucumbers (shredded), the pulp and seeds from an over ripe cantaloupe and two cups of pickle juice (flavored is ok, but garlic may make you smell unsavory and jalapeno may sting) add enough steaming, hot water to cover yourself and soak in it till the concoction cools to room temperature. Rinse with distilled spring water and air dry. Repeat twice daily until symptoms disappear.

Any effective home remedies for hives?

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