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AUBURN FOOTBALL: Tigers’ compliance director talks Cam saga » Local Sports » CullmanTimes.com – Cullman, Alabama

 AUBURN FOOTBALL: Tigers compliance director talks Cam saga »
Local Sports »
CullmanTimes.com   Cullman, Alabama

CULLMAN — one of Rich McGlynn’s favorite things about his job is not knowing exactly what his day will entail. He’s in his fifth year as the senior associate athletics director of compliance at Auburn and directly oversees issues involving eight of the university’s sports — including track, basketball, tennis and swimming. and football. that last one means McGlynn has been present for the Auburn football program’s 18-month “whirlwind” regarding compliance and a slew of investigations. “Oct. 5 of 2010, I woke up in the morning not knowing (what my day was going to be like),” he said. “and that afternoon, my world changed.” As has been extremely well documented, that date refers to a time when McGlynn and Auburn were first learning details regarding what would eventually become the Cam Newton investigation saga. the Tigers’ compliance director had plenty to say about matters regarding last year’s Heisman Trophy winner during the Cullman County Auburn Club’s annual picnic Thursday at the Aquatic Center. “Cam Newton turned out to be the biggest collegiate story I can remember,” McGlynn said. “the best football player on the best football team in the best football conference.” and at the end of it all, Auburn was crowned national champions, which the compliance director said was a dream come true for him as an administrator. but that end result didn’t come without a great deal of stress concerning Newton’s investigation, and McGlynn said he broke out in hives and shingles at different points during the ordeal. Medical issues and investigation aside, McGlynn said the highly scrutinized quarterback was one of his easier athletes to deal with. “This is going to sound ironic — Cam was the quintessential, perfect student athlete for a compliance officer,” he said. “Didn’t party. Didn’t drink. Didn’t go out. Didn’t have a Facebook account. “He did football and he did family.” the guest speaker discussed the latter of Newton’s two activities — family — specifically the role Cecil Newton played in the investigation. although the NCAA determined the father shopped out his son in a pay-for-play scheme, McGlynn said the student athlete had “zero culpability” concerning Cecil’s actions, which resulted in the reversal of the quarterback’s short-lived suspension. the compliance director said he was the one who had to write the letter declaring Newton ineligible, which wasn’t a simple task, but he thought the NCAA made the right choice by quickly re-instating the Tigers’ signal-caller. McGlynn also made a comparison of the treatment of the fathers of each of the last two Heisman Trophy winners. “This is not a knock on anyone — the individual who won the Heisman Trophy for Alabama (Mark Ingram), his father was in jail when he accepted the Heisman Trophy. the individual who accepted the Heisman Trophy from Auburn, his father is a pastor,” McGlynn said. “you tell me which one the media thinks is a worse person, but that’s ironic. “I’m not saying what Cecil did was right, but at the same time, what he went through was pretty incredible when you look at those two different circumstances, but yet the whole media was all about Cecil’s actions.” Despite all the ups and downs along the way, the compliance director said he was “elated” Oct. 12, when the university received a letter from the NCAA clearing Auburn and ending its probe into the quarterback’s recruitment. “it was fulfilling because it finally validated to our family that Cam’s Heisman Trophy is Cam’s and that the national championship trophy is ours,” McGlynn said. Rob Ketcham can be reached at 256-734-2131, ext. 257 or at robk@cullmantimes.com.

AUBURN FOOTBALL: Tigers’ compliance director talks Cam saga »
Local Sports »
CullmanTimes.com – Cullman, Alabama

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