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Autoimmune Diseases That Cause Hives,

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Hives is a skin disorder, which is primarily genetic. certain allergens trigger it, and the condition develops. if you have hives, visit this webpage, to learn all about the new natural cure you can apply.

Are hives contagious?

No. Hives are contagious only when the condition is misdiagnosed, and the rash is caused by bacteria, or fungal infections. however, the allergens, which trigger the hives can be contagious, provided that the other person has the same underlying cause of the disease. That is rare, and because of that, we can safely conclude that hives cannot be passed from person to person. in other words – they are not contagious.

Doctors usually do not have enough of an experience with hives, and that’s why they often prescribe medications, which do not work for the condition. the only way to successfully eliminate the condition, is to treat the underlying cause, which is usually a lack of certain amino-acids. the allergens in your environment trigger the hives, and the disease spreads. Removing the trigger does not cure the condition. Neither does allergy medications and lotions. It is important that you supply your body with what it needs, so that it can remove the underlying case of the hives. some people believe hives are contagious, simply because they look like skin rash, which is caused by bacteria or fungi.

Also, hives are contagious in the body of the person who has them. What does that mean? It means that if you have hives on you arm, and you touch your face, the allergens can be transferred on your skin, and the disease will spread. the disease sometimes travels through your bloodstream and affects internal organs, not only the skin. Hives are not a particularly dangerous disease, but it should be eliminated immediately, since the complications which it may cause, can be dangerous, and have a lasting effect.

Autoimmune Diseases That Cause Hives,

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