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Baby soap as a face wash?..?

1305230631 77 Baby soap as a face wash?..?

Okay I have super sensitive skin, I break out in hives when I use facial products that contain benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid such as proactiv and Neutrogena Acne wash (which was my favorite until I broke out in hives today). I had been thinking back to when I used this three step acne wash called AcneFree and had broken out in hives that covered my face for weeks! and all I could use to wash my face was water and baby soap.. and what I was thinking is do you think baby soap since it is used for babies and they have sensitive skin do you think it would be okay to use on your face to help control minor pimples? I'm 14 and just have small red pimples on my nose only my nose. Do you think it would not only clean my face but clean my pores to help control my acne?

You need to try natural soaps, try Burt's Bees. They have a lot of face washes for super sensitive skin, all made with natural ingredients, so it's rare someone would break out in hives.

Burt's Bees claim their products are natural but some of their products have been found to be extremely hazardous to skin. go to this site Skin Deep Cosmetic Database and search with Burt's Bees and you can see all their products and see how they score.

Sorry to tell you that if go to that same site and enter " Baby Soap" in the search box and you will see some baby soap brands are`also rated as skin harming..
Burt's Bees Baby Bee Buttermilk Soap is rated 4(out of highest hazard of 10)
And one brand that claims to be ORGANIC is also rated a 4
Johnson's Baby Soap is rated a 3
You can find some brands listed on the site that are safe to use.

Baby soap as a face wash?..?

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