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Back itch inside the skin?

1310447046 15 Back itch inside the skin?

For a long time now I've been having a very itchy back. actually, it's one spot on my back – under my right shoulder blade. I scratch it and it still itches, because it feels like it deep under my skin. Along with the itch, it sometimes slightly feels similar to a sunburn, too. and it seems like I feel it more when I take my shirt off.

I've looked in the mirror a few times and I've never seen anything wrong with my skin; no rashes, dry skin, or break-out of any kind. So what could be causing the itchiness? Since I can't get rid of it by scratching, could it possibly not be my skin, but perhaps nerves instead (though I don't feel nervous often)? (I once poured hot wax on it, but that didn't help, lol.)

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try taking some benadryl and see if that helps – or use some hydrocortisone cream.

Back itch inside the skin?

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