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Beekeeping school opens in Alexandra Palace (From Haringey Independent)

1303691796 53 Beekeeping school opens in Alexandra Palace (From Haringey Independent)Beekeeping school opens in Alexandra Palace

12:26pm Tuesday 19th April 2011

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THE BOROUGH’S first school for beekeepers opened on Sunday, after it secured a grant to purchase equipment.

Haringey Teaching Apiary at the Alexandra Palace Allotments already has two bee hives, and the organisers hope to attract more volunteers after buying a shed, hives, and bee suits with money from the Muswell Hill Area Assembly.

Dr Fred Clark, who set up the apiary, said: “No bees and there is a serious shortage of food in the world as we need bees to start the whole chain off.

“If there are no bees, the crops don’t get pollinated and there will be no food. It is as simple as that.

“There are also so many fantastic uses for honey which is a terrific bonus for humans.

“What we will endeavour to do here in Haringey is teach how to be a beekeeper, but just as importantly how to encourage bees to pollinate and how to grow small crops in your own small space at home.”

The apiary is halfway through its first course, and is already taking names for the next one starting in September.

Councillor Gail Engert, chair of the Muswell Hill Area Assembly, added: “This is a wonderful ecological initiative, which will be a marvellous resource for all ages, and a long-lived benefit to the community.”

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