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best health » Shot or 2007 (influenza)

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Shot or 2007

Welcome to another of our series of pictures or not – to continue the investigation, news and answers to questions about vaccines and immunizations.

As mentioned earlier, you have no fear, if not the flu as long shot.hopefully ease.Keep institutions, even the conservative and cautious, the CDC (Centers for Disease Control of the disease), states that "the effect is notserious illness. "

however, it is harmful -? You can spoil your vacation, and school refusal, because they feel sick days was still lousy.What five to twenty percent of the population of the U.S. contract influenza vaccine created a year – a part of the vaccine not.Whether influence was, and some have it or like it or not, is not to say most people, this article is that to support and improve the appearance of the immune system too.Let "their children in someBackground.

Influenza is a highly contagious respiratory tract by influenza viruses are produced in the body mucosa of the mouth, nose or eyes. Coughing or sneezing, the methods for the spread of the influenza virus if it is the air and inhaled by anyone nearby.

For this reason, responsible children (in constant touch with each other) the flu 3 times more than adults and often sick before the seasonadults.Peak flu falls from December to March.

To sum up an important point of the influenza vaccine:

1) If you believe that an influenza vaccine compared to placebo "better than nothing" is simply a hope? they have raised awareness of this action?

2) What measures against the flu? Repercussions.it grave contains toxic metals, aluminum and mercury. they are known to cause brain andDamage to the nervous system, such as autism, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease.

3) Influenza vaccine may contain toxic additives such as MSG or glutamate, can cause headaches, swelling, hives and other allergies symptoms.Formaldehyde, a highly toxic part of the environment.

4) an even greater concern that the FluMist vaccine. Inhalation of the chemical soup can the virus direct access to potential brain.IntranasalInjection of certain viruses cause severe infections of the brain, the brain.

I was surprised this winter, especially after the holidays, many people have asked sick.when influenza, often say, "I do not know." they say that he had trouble breathing, were tired, some were tired, some not, almost everyone was coughing and phlegm very difficult for some weeks.Some were vomiting, nausea, and there were few, and some of them wereheadaches.What I'm here, that most people are a mixture of flu and flu-like symptoms or IMI is therefore not the flu.

Influenza vaccine does not have the means to strengthen viruses.Real system.Remember the need for their resilience, viruses and bacteria from the fort for us, unless our defense is to protect weak. even if we build, we build an internal army.

my favorite products to support and strengthen the immune systemare:

Infectostat, a powerful anti-virus

IMEncap herbs with antioxidant vitamins and anti-virus and anti-bacterial, Echinacea and Goldenseal

Effective C, a powerful antioxidant and immune system support products with anti-virus

Stemplex vitamin D and Super cyanobacteria, which supports the body's NK cells

Pro and Pro FluMax PNU, aerosol easy to manage, the flu and pneumonia, which is ideal for protecting yourselfFamily

these items should always be used, even if you get the flu, or other infection.You recover faster and more urgent.

Create your own herbal medicine cabinet is installed products.To empowered.Remember Influenza is a serious disease.

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best health » Shot or 2007 (influenza)

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