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Best over the counter treatment for eczema?

 Best over the counter treatment for eczema?

What is the best over the counter treatment/lotion/ointment for eczema. I have horrible patches all over my body, and I get hives all the time. I have seen a doctor, so I do have medication creams, but they don't work very well. I already know about Aveeno, CeraVe, Cetaphil, Aquaphor, etc. Please help me find something that is less than $100.00. thank you so much!

Use something with tea tree oil in it. it just might work.

Best of luck!

There are a lot of simple ways for treating eczema, including simple natural remedies for it. try http://www.skinoriginal.com/eczema/3-ato… for some great suggestions on conquering your eczema. Good luck to you!

Hi there. I recommend the anti-eczema cream and spray from http://www.champori.com it is herbal (non steroidal) remedy, reasonably priced, and it cleared my condition in just under 3 weeks. (the compa-ny offers money-back guarantee policy so if it doesn't work for you – it's free). try it.

E45 it's in a white tub – my brother used to use it or oilatum
By the way it's not expensive!!

Best over the counter treatment for eczema?

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