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Best Ways To Treat Stress Hives

1317551479 12 Best Ways To Treat Stress HivesThere are several causes of hives. Usually hive outbreaks are signs of allergic reactions. the small red, raised and itchy spots on the skin might develop from exposure to allergens. Health experts believe that abnormal immune response is responsible for this ailment. in some people, the immune system might abnormally respond to excess emotional stress, triggering stress hive outbreak.

How Stress Triggers Hives

The exact association between stress and hives is unknown. However, health experts speculate that prolonged exposure to stress hormones might gradually weaken the immune system. As a result, the skin might become sensitive to certain foods, medications, pollen, dander, fabric, certain chemicals and extreme heat and cold.

Sensitivity to these substances triggers allergic reactions, leading to hives. Stress hives is a double-edged sword. the hives outbreak might increase stress further, which might worsen your condition.

Despite the discomfort and irritation caused by stress hives, it rarely causes complications such as breathing difficulties and rise in blood pressure level. To get rid of the hives induced by stress, you should treat stress and the hives simultaneously. if you ignore stress, the hives would return.

Stress Hives TreatmentRemedies for Hives

Hives are treated with antihistamines. Depending upon the severity of the stress hives outbreak or as recommended by your physician, you could take these medications up to three times a day.

These oral medicines clear the tiny red spots on the skin and reduce the itchiness by obstructing the activities of the histamines released by the immune cells. Antihistamines might cause drowsiness.

Severe hive outbreak is treated with oral steroids. To avoid side effects linked to prolonged steroid use, these medications should be taken only for a brief period. Topical medications could be applied on the affected areas of the skin to reduce the itching.

Applying a cold compress on the hives might reduce the discomfort. you might even take a cool shower. the blood vessels constrict when the skin cools, which reduces the histamine flow. Calamine lotions can soothe the skin and reduce the itchiness.

Mild hives outbreak might positively respond to milk of magnesia. it can be applied on the affected areas two to three times a day.

Red alder could heal stress hives. Drinking two to three cups of red alder tea might cure the allergy symptoms and reduce the itching. you can even apply cold red alder tea on the affected regions. Tannin present in the herb might sooth the region.

Papaya juice can provide relief from the discomfort. Papaya could treat the allergic reactions naturally.

Jewelweed is a popular herb used for treating the itchy skin. for best results, crush fresh jewelweed plant and apply the extract on the rashes. it can rapidly reduce itching and discomfort. you can even apply jewelweed tincture on the hives two to three times a day.

1317551479 64 Best Ways To Treat Stress Hives

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The affected area could be washed with jewelweed tea. you can even drink jewelweed tea made by steeping a small amount of jewelweed in a cup of boiling water. Jewelweed owes its beneficial anti-allergy properties to a compound known as lawsone.

Lawsone is also present in henna leaves. Paste made with henna leaves and holy basil could be applied on the hives. To calm the itchy rashes, you can apply sandalwood essential oil or paste on the stress hives.

Mint juice can cool and sooth the affected area and reduce the discomfort. Aloe vera gel could reduce the itching and irritation. People suffering from stress hives should consume fruits and vegetables containing the flavonoid quercetin.

Quercetin is a powerful antihistamine. it could be used for treating hives. Laboratory studies have shown that this flavonoid inhibits secretion of histamines.

Apple, citrus fruits, parsley, onion, red wine and tea are the richest sources of quercetin. Moderate amounts of this natural antihistamine are found in dark colored berries, tart cherries, olive and grapes. This flavonoid is present in green tea, bilberry, grape seed and ginkgo biloba. Dietary supplements containing quercetin might cure hive outbreaks.

Treat Stress Hives with Stress Management

Chronic stress triggers hives. To prevent hives, you should learn how to cope with stress. in order to cope with stress, you should first identify the causes of stress in your life.

Maintaining a stress journal might help you to locate the sources of stress and the physical and emotional reactions that occur when you feel stressed. there are several methods of coping with stress.

Although you can’t avoid a number of situations that trigger stress, you might benefit by learning methods to divert the stress. Talk to others about your problem. Effective communication could reduce stress. do things you enjoy doing. This would help to shift your mind away from the source of stress. Listen to a soothing music. Often failure to manage time properly causes stress.

Planning will help you to meet your work schedules. Learn few relaxation techniques. Meditation could reduce stress. Spending some time with nature could alleviate stress. you can go for a walk or work in the garden. a healthy lifestyle is beneficial for your physical as well as your emotional health.

Quit unhealthy habits such as smoking, excess drinking and excess caffeine intake. Get enough sleep. you can even treat stress with herbs and supplements. Siberian Ginseng is a popular herb used for treating stress. you can take 100 to 300mg of the herb, thrice a day.

However, Siberian Ginseng supplements might interact with blood pressure and heart medications. Kava kava, a herb used for making an intoxicating drink, is recommended by folk healers for treating stress. it could calm the nerve and improve mood.

In a clinical trial researchers found that 300mg of the herb could be taken daily to reduce anxiety. Kava kava can also improve sleep and cognitive behavior. However, this herb should be taken under medical supervision. it might cause liver problem.

Tea prepared with the leaves and barks of rosemary might cure the hives induced by stress. it helps to calm the nerves and reduce stress. This natural anti-anxiety remedy could reduce secretion of stress hormones. To reduce stress, you can smell rosemary essential oil.

Best Ways To Treat Stress Hives

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