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Book Review: Quickstep to Murder by Ella Barrick

 Book Review: Quickstep to Murder by  Ella Barrick

Let me cut to the chase. this is not Dancing with the Stars, nor does it try to be (thank goodness). Ella Barrick’s vivacious debut is so much more than most of those vapid, washed out celebrity brats trying to make a comeback by swirling, twirling, shaking their rears, flexing some muscle, and flossin’ their spray tans. such eye candy – and not all of it is delectable. with that said, Barrick’s Quickstep to Murder is absolutely delicious and much more entertaining. the mystery is substantial, the murder is piquant and the characters are fun-loving, quirky and provocative.

When Stacy Graysin catches her fiancé and dance partner, Rafe, in flagrante with samba queen, Solange Dubonnet, all bets are off and she is once again a single lady. the engagement may be off, but the two still own Graysin Motion, a professional ballroom dance studio. Rafe wants to bring in more dinero by offering hip-hop and tap classes, which leaves Stacy breaking out in mental hives.

Stacy has a misstep and finds Rafe’s spiritless figure in their studio. which makes her numero uno on the police’s radar. Stacy decides to take matters into her own hands and track down the killer before she is leading a prison conga line. Stacy’s one glimmer on the darkened disco ball is the belief she owns the studio free and clear, but Rafe recently changed his will. Rafe’s alienated half brother has come out of the woodwork, prepared to sell the studio to the highest bidder. who just may be the killer.

Quickstep to Murder is a saucy welcome to the mystery genre and a fresh take on the subgenre – again, this is just what the cozy genre needs – and Barrick delivers. Reading audience, this chica is giving Barrick 10s across the board. Muy caliente!

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Book Review: Quickstep to Murder by Ella Barrick

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