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Breaking Dawn's Nikki Reed gets married!

She really wasn’t a fan of the long engagement.

Aww we love a good wedding here at Sugarscape, particularly if we’re invited and get to wear a big hat and eat cake, and the latest celeb to tie the knot is Twilight‘s Nikki Reed.

Now the mere thought of meeting someone and marrying them seven months later gives us palpitations and near enough brings us out in hives (we’re sort of like Chandler from Friends when it comes to commitment), but that is exactly how it happened for Nikki and her husband Paul McDonald, who was a contestant on American Idol. they first met in March of this year. There must have been some serious chemistry!

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Nikki told US weekly: “We couldn’t be happier! [We were] surrounded by our family and friends. We’re so glad this day has come!”

“I’ve never met anyone like him. I’ve never met anyone who has such a good solid heart and comes from such a good solid family and is just a genuine person. We have the exact same sense of humor. I’ve never laughed so much with anyone as I do with him.”

Sounds like a right catch!

Click next to see what Paul had to say about his bride…

Breaking Dawn's Nikki Reed gets married!

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