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Cat Remedies – Knowing The Primaries About Skin Allergy Called Hives

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Hives are red welts of small or sometimes larger size that appear in the skin surface. Hives are a form of skin allergy and occurs when the skin is exposed or is subjected to chemicals or substances that trigger allergic reactions.

Hives are characterized by the feeling of itchiness. you know hot it feels when something is really itchy. There is a feeling of uneasiness and discomfort and sometimes wounds and scratches occur as products or results of scratching itchy skin surfaces.

Hives often manifest or appear in people who have already experienced or reported other allergic reactions that may include angioedema and hay fever.

The welts that often indicate or herald the onset of hives appear on the skin surface in clusters or batches.

The affected part feels itch because of releases of histamines and other body chemicals which are the body’s immune system’s reactions against allergens causing hives.

Causes that result to the onset or appearance of symptoms for hive vary. these sources or cause also are ver much broad and generalized, sometimes making the identification of the skin disease hard and inaccurate.

Hives often are body reflex reactions to harsh medications or drugs that are rejected by the body’s immune system.

Hives is not a disease. you should be advised that the skin condition is merely a skin reaction to allergens or substances that are rejected by the body upon entrance.

Occurrence of hives indicate that the body is very active in throwing out impurities and foreign and unlikely substances, indicating that the immune system is really working.

There are also several foods that may induce the appearance of hives in the skin. Common examples of these food are milk, eggs, nuts, fish, shellfish and of course, berries.

On set of hives upon eating or taking in such foods can be avoided by totally eliminating these food in the diet. There are alternatives available in the market for such foods so cravings would be somehow satisfied and quenched.

Pollen, which normally are spread though the air during summer and spring seasons, also can contribute to the onset of hives.

Other causes include animal or insect bites and animal danders, especially those from cats.

Recent findings of hives studies also reveal and suggests that hives are sometimes hereditary. It must be noted, however, that hives can also develop or become full blown after illness or infections like leukemia and autoimmune diseases.

Other ailments that result in hives include hepatitis, angioedema, dog tapeworm, lupus erythematosus, mastocytosis and colds.

Symptoms of hives, treatments and prevention

The most prevalent and common symptoms of hives include appearance of red welts on certain skin portions and characterized itching.

It is very uncommon for the person with hives to develop a fever, but if that happens, immediate help and advice from the doctor is imperative.

Fevers indicate the attack of viral and bacterial elements and heralds the onset or looming danger of a more serious disease. in the case of hives, fever can pin point or indicate the presence or development of complications.

Antihistamines, epinephrine, coticosteroids and sedatives are the sure medications to curtail hives, but their administration and in take should be guided accordingly by physicians and doctors.

Prevention is achieved by avoiding exposure to allergens identified as causes for hives.

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Cat Remedies – Knowing The Primaries About Skin Allergy Called Hives

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