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Causes and Treatments Of Hives In Children : Itch.

1305381870 76 Causes and Treatments Of Hives In Children : Itch.

Hives in children is considered harmless but can be very difficult for the little ones to bear that they can hardly tolerate the situation. hives (Urticaria) commonly appear in the arms, legs, back and torso. this is a condition that there is hypersensitivity reaction that causes the capillaries and tiny veins of the body to leak. It is an allergic condition that brings itching, stinging, burning, and the smooth red patches.

The fluid that leaks from the capillaries is trapped in different parts of the skin and causes swelling. this is due to an allergic reaction that makes the body release histamine. It is the histamine that causes swelling and redness with smooth raised patches on the skin.

Causes hives in Children:

Some children and adults alike have allergic reactions to some food such as eggs, wheat, food additives, peanuts, fruits, and some medications especially to antibiotics that cause hives in them. To children it may be a response to fight infection due to stings and insect bites. Extremely cold weather condition is also a common cause but sun exposure can also cause hives.

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Hives are not a contagious condition but viruses, bacteria and parasites are triggered which are the ones contagious. there are also causes of hives that come from products and allergens such as pollens, molds, dander, laundry detergent, fabric conditioner, skin lotion and tanning lotion, new unwashed clothes, beddings, skin creams, and many others. Hives can occur in children wearing tight and fitted clothes or underwear.

Treatment of Hives in Children:

Hives in children usually run for a few days and disappear. Most cases are not serious that need little treatment or none at all. But if a child shows some symptoms like difficult breathing, tightness in the throat, vomiting, and general weakness then you have to get the help of a pediatrician.

The irritation brought about by hives can be relieved by the use calamine lotions or milk of magnesia.  they reduce the itching to give instant relief. you can apply sun screen lotions to hives affected area when it is due to sun exposure. For additional relief you can apply cold compress to the affected areas to reduce itching and swelling.

Since hives are caused by histamines, the first treatment in line is a medicine with antihistamines like diphenhydramine, hydroxyzine or cetirizine, or others. Benadryl and other similar drugs are known to reduce the symptoms and intensity of hives, but dosage should be administered well according to age and weight of a child.

If you want an all-natural and safe cure, there is a formula out in the market that can provide relief from the miserable symptoms of hives. oxyhives is a homeopathic remedy developed by homeopathy experts to relieve all symptoms of hives without any side effects like drowsiness and feelings of hung over.

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There are also some home remedies for hives in children. you can apply Aloe Vera gel or vitamin E oil to affected areas to get relief. Drinking herbal tea also brings good effect. keep the child in a normal room temperature and most importantly avoid the agents that can cause hives in children.

1305381870 69 Causes and Treatments Of Hives In Children : Itch.

Causes and Treatments Of Hives In Children : Itch.

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