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Causes & Symptoms for Hives – Hives Home Remedies & Treatment

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Hives is when your skin suddenly develop a pinkish or reddish bumps or spots on it. it would also start itching. This can happen in a matter of minutes or hours, but some do not. Specialists categorize this kind of illness into different categories. they call it Acute when it lasted for six weeks or fewer while they call it Chronic if it lasted more than that. it can also be a single episode or periodic. This illness can target anyone. no age, gender and location specifications. it is also very common and studies have shown that a big part of the population would experience having this. This can also appear in any part of your body.

Hives can be caused by a variety of situations. it can happen when triggered by allergies in food and other things. This illness can also be caused by infections, stress, other medical conditions, sun exposure and for some, cold weather. actually, there are many causes of hives but most of them are normal so there is nothing to worry. But it is you who knows your body well, so it might be better if you consult a doctor if you feel something is not good.

If you are having this illness, the best thing to do is to freshen yourself. take a bath and wear clean clothes. do not wear fitted clothes because it might irritate your bumps. you should avoid doing something that would make you sweat because there are times that sweat is the cause of it. you could take antihistamine too. This would ease the itchiness of your skin and might relieve your allergy. in case of difficulty in breathing, you should call for medical assistance right away.

There are still some unknown causes of Hives that can be linked to one’s immune system. So still, the best thing to do is to strengthen your immune system by living a healthy life. Stay away from vices and have a balanced diet. you should also be cautious of what you eat and what you do so it would be easier to track down the cause of your illness.

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Causes & Symptoms for Hives – Hives Home Remedies & Treatment

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