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Chronic Hives for 3 years, 16 years old!?

1303849954 91 Chronic Hives for 3 years, 16 years old!?

i am 16 and have had chronic hives for 3 years now, i had hyper thyroid but went through an iodine radiation treatment to see if my hives would go away, they wouldnt. ive taken all types of medication, trust me. at one point i was on 6 different medications, as of now i take rantidine, hydroxizine, and zyrtec twice daily. this seems to surpress them but i still see a few from day to day, if i dont take them i will have hives everywhere. i didnt know other people suffered from this like me, so it made me feel a little better. i just wanted some support and us chronic ives sufferers must stick together haahahah


Sorry to hear about your troubles; hope with your current regimen that you're able to get out there and enjoy life.

One other option is doxepin – originally developed as an antidepressant but seen to have some antihistaminic properties; some folks with chronic hives find it useful.

Chronic Hives for 3 years, 16 years old!?

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