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Chronic Hives Treatment

1321215370 53 Chronic Hives TreatmentHives are a very common skin condition which is characterized by red bumps that form on different parts of the body such as the arms, legs, chest and face. these are typically caused by allergic reactions to things such as food, medications, bug bites, weather changes or external allergens.Hives is actually not contagious so it is impossible to catch it from another individual. however, one thing to keep in mind is that people have different reactions to different kinds of stimuli. What this means is that what may cause hives in one person may not be the case for another.Common symptoms of hives include red bumps on the skin as well as an itchiness sensation. Hives is actually not a life threatening condition but it can cause discomfort around the affected areas. Heating and Air Conditioning Kennett Square PA . This condition typically goes with time but the period of time depends on its severity.

In most cases, hives are not serious enough as they tend to resolve on their own. however, these can be quite uncomfortable to deal with but fortunately there are treatments you can make use of to relieve the symptoms even for skin rashes in children and more.

Perhaps the most commonly used treatments are antihistamines that are taken orally. Atlanta SEO Company . This helps to suppress histamine levels in the blood which then reduce the amount of swelling on the affected areas. the only downside is that there have been reports of drowsiness as a side effect.these are available without prescription and should be taken three times a day. Be sure to read through the instruction before using and make sure that you before you take you do not do activities that require concentration such as driving a vehicle.Individuals with more severe cases of chronic hives can take an antihistamine with a stronger prescription such as Periactin. however, keep in mind that doctors may prescribe different types of treatments depending on the individual.Another chronic hives treatment is the use of oral steroids. however, this is generally only to be used in extreme cases as continued use of steroids can be quite harmful to the individual. other options even include ultraviolet radiation for more extreme cases.

The above treatments may seem like extreme examples but the fact is that some individuals have a more severe reaction to hives than others. Hives can last for days or even weeks but if it lasts longer then stronger medication may be necessary.if after using simple treatments like antihistamine and calamine lotion and the hives still persist, then a visit to the doctor is in order. This will ensure that you get the treatment that is tailored according to your situation.

Chronic Hives Treatment

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