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Chronic Hives – What Are the Symptoms?

 Chronic Hives   What Are the Symptoms?

There are a few distinguishing symptoms of hives. You will find that most of the people who suffer from the condition either suffer from chronic or acute hives. They both have similar symptoms, but chronic hives will last much longer than the acute hives. They can last weeks at a time, and even months or years.

The hives may not be with you consistently, a more common attribute of the chronic skin condition is to have them occur on a regular basis over a long period of time.

If you think you have chronic hives it is wise to start looking for ways to treat them effectively. Sometimes chronic hives may not go away with simple treatments such as antihistamine.

Symptoms of chronic hives – What to Look Out For

You will notice that there are a lot of raised areas, sometimes called welts, and may seem swollen in different areas of your skin. They can be either red or white in color or sometimes both ( red swollen rings with white centers). These are both characteristics of hives. Sometimes these welts may just be localized to one central area. other times you may notice that they cover a lot of your skin. in some cases the welts grow in size often meeting and merging with other welts.

Other symptoms of chronic hives would be welts that move around your body. They may seem to go away in some areas just to appear in others. this can be frustrating, but is usually a sure sign of this skin disorder.

Another symptoms of hives can include burning, stinging and itching. If the red areas of skin are uncomfortable and have a lot of itch or burn, then you may find that it is caused by hives. If it lasts for a prolonged period, it may be chronic hives. Take a look at the symptoms that you have in order to see if this is something that may be affecting you. do what you can in order to treat and prevent other breakouts of this disorder, this can often be achieved by keeping a diary of food you eat to determine an allergen.

Chronic Hives – What Are the Symptoms?

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