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Chronic HIVES? – Yahoo! Answers

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I've had hives for the past 2.5 years…every allergy test comes up negative. I am 37, single, no kids, a teacher, live in NYC, and I am in good general health other than a family case of vitilgo that I inherited from my grandmother (I'm pretty fair, it doesn't show much). Does anyone have any answers? I'm SOO sick of taking mountains of antihistamines every day (they don't really work, I'm still covered with hives most days). PLEASE HELP!!!

Hi! Over the last 58 years I've had Hives in ALL Seasons,and it was Aways due to a Perfume,Fabric or Lotion that I'd put on my body somewhere. Hope you figure it out.

I think that you need to come off of everything and start a diet that is just meats, fresh vegetables, fruits and water. cut out everything that is processed, milk and refined. Then add one new item every couple of days and wait to see if you have a reaction. Change everything that you use to all natural. Soap, detergents and cleaners. In the process, keep a journal and record what is happening and what you are consuming. also, go see a dermatologist or an endocrinologist. Maybe they have some different ideas as to what it might be or how to help it.

Hives are caused by stress. I am just getting over 15 months of them. I was driving without a drivers license because i didn't want to pay a registration ticket. I paid it with four full days of community service, answering questions about a wilderness area close to a population center. I also have been taking a medication that requires my doctor monitors intake with weekly blood tests. The week that i missed a test and was cautioned not to take the drug by his nurse was the week I was scheduled to do the community service. So I had lots of three inch or bigger hives. Ask your doctor to give you "Dapsone". it works. also look at what else may be causing you stress.

When this happened to me a few years back. I ended up spending over a thousand dollars in two weeks . no one new what the heck was wrong and it got to the point there I thought that I had mentally made myself think I was itching. well eventually I called my old doctor who basically told me to stop using anything that had petrfumes in it (detergent, soaps, lotions, etc.,) I was told to use dove soap only because it's perfume free (and it's great for your face) and to use baking powder instead of regular body powder, perfume free detergents like ALL perfume free and Tide Perfume free. And to totally ditch all those feminine hygene items which does nothing but irritates a womans sensitive skin. I did everything she said, she gave me a prescription of Cortain B Lotion, some antihistamine, and tada! it worked. So try this and give it a few days and see what happens. Hope this helped you as much as it did me! icon smile Chronic HIVES?   Yahoo! Answers

Chronic HIVES? – Yahoo! Answers

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