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Chronic Urticaria – Living With Chronic Idiopathic Urticaria

 Chronic Urticaria   Living With Chronic Idiopathic Urticaria

My Personal Experience with Urticaria

Dear reader, I’d like to explain that the following article is written and based on my personal experience of living day to day with a condition called Chronic idiopathic Urticaria, many of you may know the condition as chronic hives or chronic idiopathic hives.

Beginning with Acute urticarial Wheals.

My condition began some time ago, quite a long time ago in fact. The first time I ever had a urticaria wheal or rash was at the age of 16. Back then the whole thing was simple, I developed what I later found out to be something called acute urticaria, the symptoms of which were little raised rings or wheals on the back of my wrists, I.e. over the vein.

Back then my urticaria condition was infrequent and reasonably easy to live with, however what started out as the occasional wheal or ring on both of my wrists soon turned into something far more severe and indeed a bit scary at first.

Urticaria & Angiodema

Although my attacks remained infrequent, around 3-3 times a year, they had become far more serious. At this point during my long period with the condition I not only suffered with urticaria, I also had something called Angiodema, this is a separate condition which is a form of Anaphylaxis, however it’s often linked with urticaria & often manifests at the same time.

My Symptoms were As Follows:

Urticarial wheals, which grew in size and merged with the neighbouring wheal until my whole body was covered. these wheals would eventually cover my whole body apart from the soles of my feet, palms of my hands. On my face and head the urticaria mixed with angiodema causing the skin to fill with fluid and expand. The first time this happened was quite a frightening experience as the swelling changed the shape of my head and altered my features.

At the time I thought I was the only one in the world suffering with such a condition, of course I was wrong. The medical help back then was lacking somewhat too, with the standard recommendation being take some antihistamine.

This affliction occurred for no apparent reason for over 15 years, although it only happened 2 or 3 times a year. The only trigger I could link the urticaria / angiodema condition to was possibly drinking alcohol during my early 20′s, although this was never confirmed in any test.

Recent Chronic Urticaria Symptoms

The severe & infrequent condition eventually stopped only to be replaced by the chronic version of the condition, the symptoms of which manifested as lumps over my head, mainly under my hair, and urticarial wheals or welts on my forehead and down each side of my face. The urticaria was now considered chronic and occurred almost every day.

Along with these main urticaria symptoms I also found out that I had developed a form of solar urticaria as well a type of pressure urticaria. I guess it was at this point I decided to search elsewhere for a solution to my problem due mainly to the fact that traditional medicine really wasn’t helping at all.

Chronic Urticaria – Living With Chronic Idiopathic Urticaria

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