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Conventional Medical Treatment for Hives

 Conventional Medical Treatment for Hives

Hives are a sudden eruption of red and white bumps on the skin. while hives are usually itchy, and therefore bothersome, they are generally not dangerous-except in cases of bee or insect stings, when hives indicate a true medical emergency. A case of hives may last for less than 30 minutes or as long as a week.

When the body comes into contact with a substance it considers dangerous, it floods the skin with histamine to combat the problematic substance. Hives result when there is excess buildup of histamine on a particular area of skin. Substances that cause this histamine release differ from person to person, though common irritants include animal dander, pollen, aspirin, penicillin, insect bites, and foods to which the person is allergic.

Signs and Symptoms

A batch of raised, red or white bumps on a localized area of skin

Bumps may appear and disappear suddenly

The affected area may be mildly or severely itchy

Conventional Medical Treatment

Hives often do not usually require medical treatment, but if the hives remain for an extended period of time, see your doctor. After taking your medical history, your physician may ask about your exposure within the last two weeks to any possible irritants. Unfortunately, hives can be caused by such a wide range of irritants that your physician may not be able to identify the exact cause. if the cause is identified, you will be urged to avoid the substance that caused the outbreak. In severe cases, your doctor may prescribe a medication, usually an antihistamine, to treat the condition.

If the hives are accompanied by shortness of breath, fever, nausea, or abdominal cramps, immediately seek medical help. You could be suffering from anaphylactic shock.

German chamomile oil can help bring relief from itching. Simply place a drop directly on the itchy skin and massage in.

Hives come from excessive heat in the body, say Ayurvedic practitioners. to cool the heat and soothe the maddening itch, they favor eating watermelon as well as drinking coriander milk or cilantro.

Conventional Medical Treatment for Hives

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