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Daughter had allergic reaction…Hives, painful hands/feet?

1310047372 89 Daughter had allergic reaction...Hives, painful hands/feet?

My daughter is 4yrs old, and recently thought to have had an allergic reaction. She broke out in hives that were itchy, and covered most of her body (worse on her hands and feet)…She also complained with some foot and hand pain during this time…that was about 2 months ago, and it was waived by the doctor and treated w/ steroid and ziertech (spelling?) Now 2 months later she has had another breakout with hives and feet and hands hurting more than last time. The doctor has scheduled an allergy test for this Monday. my question is that the hives are already gone, but her hands an feet are still hurting her badly (mostly at night) to the point of I have to carry her to the bed, potty etc… Is this a normal part of an allergic reaction? The doc seemed to think so, but as her hives have gotten better over the last 3days-the foot/hand pain has increased. Any help or assurance is welcomed.

ALWAYS carry a bottle of the anti histamine benydril , and consider getting an epi pen . your kid is close to anyphilactic shock . if the throat swells , the kid chokes .

Daughter had allergic reaction…Hives, painful hands/feet?

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