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Does anyone know a good treatment for hives?

1303313479 83 Does anyone know a good treatment for hives?

mm.. going to the emergincy

Take benedryl and put honey on the hives, or soak in an aveno oatmeal bath.

eat a crapload of strawberries

scratch them.

cortacool at pharmacies like cvs

Benedryl works; hydrocortisone doesn't.

Bees work well in hives! if not that, then calamine lotion, benadryl. oat bath, all the usual suspects!

a warm bath with epson salt (spelling) or kalamine lotion she may have to go to the hospital or clinic for a shot of cortazone…Oh try benadryl. hope i helped

benadryl, cortizone cream, aveeno oatmeal bath

benedryl and a shower always works for me oh and do not I repeat do not scratch

Have some one who chews tobacco chew it up and rub on and hives will go away

Hives are usually treated with an antihistamine, such as Benadryl or the prescription Atarax. if drowsiness is a problem, one of the newer non-sedating antihistamines may be a better choice. Stronger treatments are available, but are usually unnecessary. if there are other allergic symptoms, such as wheezing or tightening of the throat, then a shot of epinephrine may be needed.

Usually the whole thing resolves fairly quickly. if the hives keep coming and going for six weeks, we call the condition chronic urticaria. This is often not serious, but can be a sign of an underlying disease process.

Apply lotion and consult a dermatologist and he/she will let u know what to use. if the hives is severe then the doctor will prescribe you medicines.

my daughter gets those i buy her benedryl, and anti-ich cream…she also takes cool baths…i bought the prescribed meds and benedryl did just as good

nope thanks for the points

benadryl best thing around ……….good luck

She needs to go to her doctor or an emergency right away! Hives could turn into something more serious QUICKLY, such as not being able to breath. give her a Benadryl tablet and go to the doctors office or hospital right away!

Does anyone know a good treatment for hives?

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