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Does Laundry Detergent cause hives?

 Does Laundry Detergent cause hives?

I can't tell if the bumps on my skin are hives or mosquito bites, sometimes I wake up in the morning with these bumps and i don't think they're coming from bed bugs. sometimes i break out in random "hives/bites" at work where there are no bugs around me. I have never had this problem so severely before.

I noticed this happened a lot when my mom started combining powdered TIDE detergent with regular Arm and Hammer liquid detergent in our laundry. is this what could be causing my "hives" or could they really be bug bites on account of summer?

I've worn long sleeves to keep from being bitten and these hives/bites still appear. HELP!! my arms and legs have bumps all over and I'm embarrassed to show them.

Have your mom switch to Tide Free. It should not bother you.

If the hives are all over your body, then the cause tends to be allergy, such as from a laundry detergent. Mosquito bites are randomly placed on exposed skin areas. Bed bugs do not bite under clothes, so this is probably not the cause.

The resource provides a review of the most common causes of spots on skin.

Typically problem with laundry detergents happen because people use too much.

Does Laundry Detergent cause hives?

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