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Dog Hair Loss and Allergic Reactions

 Dog Hair Loss and Allergic Reactions

Hair loss in dogs is not uncommon and has many causes. one cause of hair loss in dogs is an allergic reaction. Causes of the hair loss can be many and varied. Regardless of the cause or reason the dog owner has to seek out the cause of the allergy and a solution.

Here are examples of the types of allergies your dog can suffer from which may contribute to or cause him to lose hair.

Allergic reaction to fleas. Your dog may suffer a flea bit allergy if he is sensitive to the flea’s saliva. a result of this can be your dog itching and scratching in an attempt to relieve himself from the irritation. However, hair loss can be a result of those attempts to give himself some comfort.

Allergic reaction to food Allergies. Remarkable as it may seem given his tendency to wolf down anything your beloved dog, just like you, can be allergic to certain types of food of which hair loss can be a side effect. An indication of an allergic reaction to certain foodstuffs can include such behavior in your dog such as licking his feet and swollen ears. Identifying the exact food giving your dog problems is not easy and a process of trial and elimination.

Hay fever type allergies. Yes – your dog can get hay fever style symptoms and allergies in the same way a human suffers from hay fever due to pollen and or dust mite issues. the symptoms are often similar to those presented with food allergies and can contribute to canine hair loss.

Environmental allergies. Your dog may be allergic to every day environmental things such materials as metals, rubber or certain chemicals. Symptoms of this in your dog include skin inflammation or blisters and general irritation and scratching. as with the other allergic reactions outlined above, hair loss in your dog can result from environmental allergies.

The good news is that regardless of any allergy your dog might suffer from there are solutions and remedies out there for dog hair loss. the key is to seek professional advice as soon as you suspect your pooch might be allergic to something and is losing some of that shiny, healthy coat because of it.

Dog Hair Loss and Allergic Reactions

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