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Dog Hives – A Complete Guide

 Dog Hives   A Complete Guide

In this article we will discuss the causes and signs and symptoms of Hives in dogs. This nasty skin infection is particularly unpleasant for your dog or puppy and will need treatment from a medical professional as soon as the symptoms are first spotted. so without further discussion lets get started.

  • This very irritating skin infection will often result in your dog developing bumps which itch and cause redness to the affected area.
  • There are a number of reasons why this condition occurs. It is a misconception that Hives is caused by stress – the condition is normally caused by an allergic reaction to an insect bite, specific medications (again an allergic reaction). It can even be caused by certain dog foods – most notably food with nasty preservatives and additives.

Symptoms of the Condition

  • As previously mentioned the condition often results in raised bumps – the bumps may even resemble Warts.
  • The affected area will be extremely itchy and you will notice that your dog constantly scratches the affected area.
  • The skin can also become very oily and leave your dog’s coat greasy. the coat can also become quite smelly.
  • You may notice that your dog or puppy’s face becomes swollen as a result of the condition.
  • Scaly skin and dandruff is also a symptom – this is due to the constant itching – leaving the skin dry and prone to flaking.
  • If your dog has a particularly nasty reaction he may experience problems breathing.
  • Your dog’s hair may also start to fall out either in patches or around the area that has been particularly affected.

Dog Hives needs to be treated seriously and may lead to your dog’s vet prescribing a course of anti-histamines.

Dog Hives – A Complete Guide

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