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Dry Skin And Hives, In Need Of Help,?

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Ok, i have really bad dry skin, i need some help on this really bad, but its like not only do i suffer from this also all my family suffer from this and everynight i take a benadryl i mean how long can i take benadryl right?

but the question is

what should i use for a body wash
i tried AVEENO Body Wash
iam useing dove sensitive skin bar soap

and i use TRESemmé sampoo
and i even use AVEENO shaving cream sensitive skin

whitch theses product
are not very help full

iam looking for a body wash
a body lotion for dry itchy skin
a sampoo for sensitive skin
and maybe a laundry detergent for sensitive skin
i only get hives at night when i put my pajamas on
so help i need some help on this,,,

Hives Treatment by Eliminating the Triggering Factor
It is very important to know the cause of allergic reaction. once you found out the triggering agent, it becomes very easy to fight the battle.

Hives Treatment by Using Cool Compression
By applying the cool compression it may help to provide some relief from the pain and itch.

Hives Treatment by Using Calamine Lotion
By applying this lotion it can grant you relief from the itchy feeling.

Hives Treatment by Using Milk of Magnesia
By dabbing milk of magnesia on the lesions, provides some relief. as milk of magnesia is an alkaline solution it helps in removing the irritating itchy sensation.

Hives Treatment by Using Herbal Tea
Calming our nerves is one of the important things to do, as stress makes the matter worse. Drinking peppermint or passionflower tea is very good. You can also try chamomile, valerian and catnip which also soothe your nerves.

Hives Treatment by Using Cornstarch
To stop the itching get 1/2 a tub filled with warm water, add 1/2 cup cornstarch and 1/2 cup baking soda. Soaking yourself at least once a day can make a lot of difference.

Hives Treatment by Using Aloe Vera Gel
Applying aloe vera gel or vitamin E oil to the affected area at least twice a day can benefit you a lot.

Hives Treatment by Using Nettles
Have nettle tea which is made by 2 tsp. powdered stinging nettles. You can add honey or lemon to add flavor your tea.

Hives Treatment by Using Cayenne Pepper
Consume cayenne pepper capsules to help the healing procedure. You can also have vitamin C, vitamin E or zinc for quick relief.

Diet for Hives
Hives : Home Remedies suggested by users
Avoid Allergen Triggering Food
Avoid food like eggs, strawberries, berries, peanuts, nuts, chocolates, cheese, tomatoes, soy products, shellfish and many more. Find out the food that is allergic to you and avoid having it.

Other treatment for Hives
Hives Treatment
Use of Acupressure: by massaging the trapezius points, you can find some relief. this trapezius muscle is found between the neck and the shoulder. by giving the vital pressure it may help you clear the red and white ringed patches of your body.

Hives in children can also be caused for a variety of reasons from heredity and allergies to exposure and sweat. Hives in children can be quite worrying to a parent and although not serious if treated immediately, do keep in mind that it requires particular attention and prompt treatment as children are not as well equipped to deal with it.

Chronic hives is a problematic condition as there is no known specific cause, which means that the condition can not be cured. it is only the symptoms that can be treated. The condition may however be related to an autoimmune disorder or a thyroid problem. Chronic hives last longer than the usual cases of hives, and recur more frequently.

Urticaria or hives as it is more commonly known can also cause a variety of symptoms like welts and rashes that may be confused by the lay man with an ordinary skin rash or even shingles. if you have the slightest doubt over whether you are suffering from utricaria get yourself checked as a rash treatment will not just be ineffective, but delaying treatment for hives will only increase the damage.

Dry Skin And Hives, In Need Of Help,?

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