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FREAKING OUT!! HELP!! Just saw a little brown/black dot jumping around on the bed. I can't find it…what is i?

 FREAKING OUT!! HELP!! Just saw a little brown/black dot jumping around on the bed. I can't find it...what is i?

I'm terrified of even going into my room now…there was one little black/brown dot that was jumping around on the bed sheets. It was like the size of the tip of a pin…looked like a dust speck. A few days earlier I had little red dots all over me, they don't look like bed bug bites that are on google images…they look kinda like hives…i'm allergic to both types of dust mites and pollen…

I've been freakin out…i washed all the sheets last night….and my husband sleeps in bed with me…and he doesnt have any bites or anything. Help!!

Definitely sounds like a flea. Even if you don't have pets, if you have a friend/coworker/family member with pets, the eggs or eve the flea itself could have transferred onto you/your clothing. Buy the special flea spray. if you spray it once or twice a day, they should hopefully be gone soon.

If you have pets in your home that have access to the outside then you have fleas. It is nothing to freak out about unless you are also allergic to them.
Ok no pets then is there any pine trees close to your house that are near windows if so then it could be pine gnats or pine fleas. they bite and leave small red marks when doing so. see if you can catch a few of them and then call a exterminator and he can tell you what they are before bombing you home.

Nothing to get so upset about.

You don't have to have pets to get fleas, you can bring them in on your clothes from outside. if you have little red bites have you tried to google flea bites to see if they match?

Sounds like fleas to me.

Could be fleas – you don't need to have pets to get fleas. Buy some flea spray or bombs. Remember with flea bombs that you cannot enter the house for at least 4 hours after the bomb although they are really effective. Good luck and hope this helps!

If you have a pet or been near another pet you might of carried the flea to your bed. also you might of been allergic to whatever was on your bed. But now it's gone you shouldn't need to worry.

they are fleas,
even you don't have pets you can still bring them in from outside
on your cloths or shoes.

well if you don't have pets they can't be fleas. so i'm guessing there bed bugs.

If it's jumping about, it could be a flea. Got any pets?

do you have pets? could be fleas.

you've been smoking too much of that s***

Do you have pets? I'd guess it was a flea judging from the size and "jumping around". Just like mosquitoes, some people smell better/taste better to them than others. That's why you have the bites and your husband doesn't. taking a vitamin B1 supplement can sometime help with this. in the meantime, think about washing your sheets frequently for a couple of weeks, and vacuum everyday, especially around the edges of the room with a vacuum cleaner attachment. if you're not opposed to pesticides, you can also use that carpet powder that's supposed to kill both fleas and their eggs for 12 months. I'd highly recommend using Frontline for any cats or dogs.

FREAKING OUT!! HELP!! Just saw a little brown/black dot jumping around on the bed. I can't find it…what is i?

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