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Gift ideas for child's nanny?

 Gift ideas for child's nanny?

My daughter has been going the same daycare lady since she was 3 months. She is now 3 and is starting preK. Since it is her last week, I want to give the nanny a present for treating my child as one of her own. I am giving her a picture of her and my daughter and putting it in a nice frame, but I want to hive her another small gift…I was thinking perfume or something but not sure what kind she would like. any other gift ideas!?

Chocolates in a nice box, or a clothes shop voucher, or some flowers, or some wine? icon smile Gift ideas for child's nanny? for the wine, buy two of the same brand red&white, give her the photo and say red or white? and then keep the one she doesn't want icon smile Gift ideas for child's nanny?

But you could have some chocolates at hand in case she doesn't drink maybe? icon wink Gift ideas for child's nanny?

Gift cards and gift certificates are always a good one. these well are the best gift because you then put the power of shopping or treating onesself to something.

Give her a gift certificate for a massage, manicure or pedicure. Bless her heart, she probably would enjoy one!

Make her a picture book of your daughter at different ages – you can make them online or at walmart.

chocolates, perfume or a gift set similar, flowers maybe?

Gift ideas for child's nanny?

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