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Guinness Live winners Modern Error on FasterLouder.com.au

 Guinness Live winners Modern Error  on FasterLouder.com.au

The GUINNESS Live Thursdays band competition gave one lucky band the chance to perform at the Arthur’s Day celebrations in Dublin alongside Scissor Sisters, Stereophonics, Paloma Faith and Calvin Harris. for the winning band it was almost like finding a leprechaun and making him grant you the wish of instant rock stardom.

We spoke to Sydney’s Modern Error (who beat Iron Bar Hotel, Victoria’s Buddha in a Chocolate Box and WA’s Palatial Digs) about winning the competition and playing in Dublin.

Hey guys, massive congratulations on winning the competition – first things first, lets start with a bit of background info. Tell us how the band formed, how long you’ve been together, and what sets you apart from the pack?Thanks a lot it was a huge shock to hear that we had won. we just went in it to have a good time and hope for the best. as far as how we met, we all studied music together and met during class. Late last year we met up with Dave our singer and haven’t looked back since.

How did you find out about the Guinness competition, and what inspired you to enter? we found out about the Guinness Live Thursdays comp through online sources and various print media. It was everywhere! as always there were many things that inspired us to enter. Firstly it was for Guinness, and the prize was amazing. secondly, it gave us chances to play at the Gaelic Theatre and PJ’s again, which are always fun venues to play. Lastly, we were able to play in front of a new audience who might not have heard of us before and we got to meet some great people and other like-minded artists and musicians.

You’re back from your trip to Ireland now, which you won as part of your prize. how did you find the Arthur’s Day celebration? What was the vibe like in Dublin?The experience from the Guinness Arthur’s Day in Ireland was unforgettable. It would be amazing to get the chance to go back there again sometime. the Arthur’s Day celebration was more than what we had anticipated. every pub was packed to the brim. the overall vibe was joyful and homely. Everyone was there to have a good time, and the locals were just so friendly and welcoming.

Was the Dublin trip the first chance the band has had to play internationally, or perhaps even outside Sydney? how did you mentally prepare for it – I imagine it could have been quite daunting.Actually no, we have been outside of the country before. Last year in fact, when we got to represent Australia in another band competition, out of 500 bands, we came up tops and won a trip to play at the Taubertal festival in Germany alongside, the Prodigy and the Hives. that was another great and surreal experience. It was the first wakeup call we had that said, “hey, you’re actually doing something right.”

Initially it was daunting but once we entered the venue we knew, we were made for this. in the back of our minds we all just knew. second to that to prepare mentally for the show, we just constantly told ourselves “It’s just another show back home – Let’s just have fun” and it worked. we had fun as usual and played an amazing show with really great responses from the crowd.

I saw some of the pics from your trip, there was one of you hanging out with Aloe Blacc. who else did you get to meet along the way?With the Arthur’s Day celebrations happening all over Ireland it was hard to meet up with anyone. It was sheer luck we got to meet up with Aloe Blacc. that day we had two consecutive shows to play so we were always on the go until the shows.

Where to from here – what’s on the horizon for Modern Error?Oh there’s a bunch of things. We’re looking forward to starting our first proper EP mid next year since were almost done with the writing of the new material for it. our song Don’t Tease will be aired the show Flesh Air. we have some new merchandise designs along with an official website in the making.

Guinness Live winners Modern Error on FasterLouder.com.au

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