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Having a lot of weird dreams?

1303651518 45 Having a lot of weird dreams?

about 4 nights ago i had a dream that a friend of mine that is in college was laughing at me because i haveto playa really hard solo in feb. (hes in band too)

last night i had two weird dreams, one that i just randomly had hives on my arms, i just got this image of me standing by my mom looking at the hives trying not to scratch them.

My other dream was that everybody forgot my birthday because they were to busy with everything else. my best friend and I have the same birthday (which is true) and her family forgot her's too. when we told them they had just blew it off.

whats wrong?

Your first dream means your going on a journey and your second dream means you've seen the movie,"Sixteen Candles."

Probably,you are not enough satisfied from your life…and you are not sure of yourself!!
however nice to meet you….I'm Gianni and I 'm Italian from Naples…. … … (Napoli)
happy new year…

You know some cultures believe that when you dream your spirit/soul or whatever is really living out that scenario! if our dreams seem real than who is to say they are not. So don't worry about trying to parallel these two worlds, they are both real and both fake in their own ways!

Sounds like you don't think your family notices you. like even if you broke out in hives standing next to your mom she wouldn't notice or would put it off…trust me, she would.
But you'll have to become important to yourself, and take care of things yourself. It's not that our family doesn't care for you. perhaps you're just so mature they don't know you are longing for attention. then again, the opposite could be true. perhaps they are trying to see what you are capapble of handling for yourself. They're just people and won't bite. if you're really worried about your relationship with your family…talk to the parent you're most comfortable with. Don't whine, just talk, maturely present your concerns. They will listen.

Hello there, for dreams it is hard to interpret dreams without knowing your background but if you want to find out more tell me about your self but what I know so far is the laughing part of your friend has to do with the spirit of fear. the other one you said you mention about hives on your arms i know arms symbolize strength or weakness and anything that is itchy means something insignificant: nuisance, irritant or elusive. the one about the birthday i didnt get any meaning for that cause i really dont know your background.

Having a lot of weird dreams?

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