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Help! How to get rid of hives?

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I cannot seem to get rid of my hives. I try baby oil which relieves the itch, but not the hives them self. They usually go away 30 minutes to an hour after appearing. I would like to know any remedies or solutions to help my condition other than allergy medication and seeing the doctor. Thanks!

Well there are a couple things to do. First is that backing soda and water is also a good way to relieve the itch but not a complete fix. Another thing you should do is go to a doctor and see what his/her medical opinion is.

Benadryl. This is an antihistamine. right now your histamin production is in overdrive and you need to shut it down. A good dose of benadryl should do the trick.

You may also try Caladryl. This is a topical (you rub it on the hives) product that is a combination of Calamine Lotion with Benadryl in it.

Have you changed your laundry soap? try rinsing your clothes twice or cutting down on the amount of detergent you use when you do laundry. Eliminate the fabric softener for a while.

How about food allergy?
Pay attention to what precedes the outbreaks. Maybe the cause is in that.

Help! How to get rid of hives?

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