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 Henry Daily Herald

That’s what I thought, too. Surely, I know a few things about publishing. I’ve been in this business for more than 20 years, which is long enough to have heard someone say every year that the business is doomed.

True, a lot has changed since the Internet and desktop publishing, but we’re all learning that together. So-called experts are really guys who’ve been testing out the new software a week longer than you.

Same thing with most aches and pains, especially if you’re a seasoned parent. by the time any of us have raised a child and gotten them onto gainful employment, we’ve seen our share of weird rashes and gory wounds.

Fortunately, there are exceptions. most of you know that I’ve survived three bouts of melanoma, or skin cancer, despite the very low odds I was initially given. what saved me was going in the exact opposite direction of my normal instincts and persisting till I found a doctor who would listen to me.

But, there have been a dozen small, inconsequential symptoms that I noticed, like occasional hives or mild numbness in my shins that I wrote off to eating the wrong thing or running too much. In my estimation, none of it formed a pattern.

At first, I assumed it was stomach flu and was careful about what I was eating, but ignoring it for the most part. But I noticed it came and went without fever or chills. it also came with such force that I couldn’t move for hours on end, and it just wasn’t going away.

What was once mostly unheard of is becoming a phenomenon as the number of sufferers is reported to double each year. the digestive system gets worn down over time and can even stop absorbing nutrients, leaving a sufferer in pain and lethargic, with a host of symptoms.

For some, it’s hypersensitivity and for others it can be celiac disease. I’m still waiting for test results to find out which camp I’ve joined. either way, the treatment is the same. no more gluten.

My determination to do things on my own got me here. Fortunately, the human body is very forgiving, and I get yet another second chance to finally ask a lot more questions. more adventures to follow.

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Henry Daily Herald

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