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Hives and Stress – How They Are Connected

 Hives and Stress   How They Are Connected

Hives is a very common word and known to many people. some experienced this skin problem themselves while some saw other people suffering from it. Hives can be termed as a type of rash; that can be light or dark red in appearance and they emerge on your skin due to inflammation. they can stay with you for few hours, days or weeks. mostly they come and go very fast.

Hives can be very uncomfortable and the itchiness can make your have sleepless night but isn’t it better to look for the symptoms which are causing this situation and avoid them so that you are able to keep your nails off your skin? some doctors and people think that there is a relation between hives and stress, and yes there is.

Hives are mostly caused due to the unbalanced caused in hormonal system and that type of hives is called as urticaria. the rate of this skin disease is more in women than men because women are thinking more than men, as a result more stress and the fact is proved that stress cause hives. there is no specific part of the body where hives can have an outburst, it can be everywhere and quantity as well, can be more and less.

There are a number of causes of hives but the relation between hives and stress is very much strong because whenever a person is tensed and gets into some kind of stress or problem, the body in return releases adrenaline and cortisol. When these chemicals are released more than the required quantity, hives start appearing.

If you are looking for stress hives treatment then you must follow a few guidelines mentioned below:

1. Note down everything you can about your hives whenever they appear on your body. Food you eat or any events of stress and the quantity of hives, for how much time they stayed, and all related stuff.

2. after creating a notebook with everything in there, you must contact your physician who is hives and stress specialist and take out the problem from root.

Hives and Stress – How They Are Connected

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