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Hives Causes, Causes of Hives

hives causes Hives Causes, Causes of HivesHives is a common skin allergy which is found to affect people on the arms, legs, trunk and back. Hives appear as raised skin welts and are red in color. Hives are also itchy and their clusters are known to change their shapes and even locations. Hives causes are generally investigated by the dermatologist who is approached by the patient. after determining the actual causative factor that had triggered skin hives, the doctor puts the patient on a certain medication.

Causes of hives

Hives is a skin allergy condition that appears as red patchy and itchy clusters on the skin. the usual causes of hives are none other than the most common allergens that trigger the auto-immune response of the body. usually, if a pathogen or an infectious organism enters the body, then the body triggers the immune system which in turn produces anti-bodies to fight the invading pathogen. sometimes the body begins to produce IgE, a special set of anti-bodies that combine with the skin

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