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Hives – Disease Or Just a Simple Rash?

 Hives   Disease Or Just a Simple Rash?

Some people are never able to pinpoint a cause or trigger for their hives. And in other times, some experience what seems to be a simple rash, but this rash just keeps coming back and never seems to go away for good. Some people feel that they have a hives disease and this leads them to question if the disease is incurable or if it is indeed just a simple rash.

One thing you should know is that hives disease is more of an allergic reaction. It is not something that can be spread from one person to the next. Hives are considered an indication of something else, such as an underlying disease or simply that the body is going through a lot of stress and it is trying to combat it. the body may release an overproduction of histamines or have an adrenaline rush, and this is a major cause of hives. this usually results in an inflammatory response. Hives are most of the time harmless, like a simple rash. however, some allergic reactions can cause difficulty breathing, which requires emergency medical assistance.

Certain conditions can trigger hives disease as an indication of the condition. other diseases may trigger hives as an outcome of suddenly produced immune complexes that cause the production of histamine. Occult infections, which are infections that an individual may not be aware of, are a quite common trigger for hives. Some underlying diseases that may trigger hives include thyroid disease, lymphoma, and dermatitis herpetiformis. Infections that may cause hives include intestinal worms, fungal infections, malaria, viral infections and chronic bacterial infections.

Hives – Disease Or Just a Simple Rash?

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