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Hives from allergy or stress?

 Hives from allergy or stress?

Would allergy medicine make stress hives go away? I had hives and I think the allergy medicine that I took helped them to go away, but I'm not sure if they were from stress or if I have an allergy…

You most likely have an allergy.

A rash that constitutes hives is from an allergy
a general run of the mill rash – if from stress- can cause your skin to dry out, excema to flair up and will almost look heat rash – not HIVES.
Think of what you have had differently within the past 24 hours, a hive reaction would come within immediate to 24 hours of exposure, have you had anything different? tried something new- used a different product?
Reactin, Sudafed . Claritin are to be taken before the exposure, to help relieve the initial allergy.. Benadryl will help with the after effect of being exposed.

Go get some allergy testing and list everything different or that you have eaten within the past 3 days, this will help when you are being tested

Hives can appears suddenly and without warning. a hives rash is accompanied with an intense feeling of itchiness it can turn a bright red color quite rapidly. Allergies are discussed as a reason for hives but also many say that they are related to one’s stress levels.
Stress is a common cause that acute and chronic hives share. you may not feel particularly stressed, but your body may, especially if you are very busy. Life stressors that can result in hives may be positive or negative.
Allergic reactions, particularly to foods and medications, are another common cause of hives. Generally speaking, hives that occur as a result of eating certain foods almost always appear within a few minutes to a few hours of eating the food. Reactions to medications may occur after the first dose, or not until the medication has been taken for a week or two.

Medical studies have confirmed that hives caused by stress also.and hives is skin allergies reaction.may be allergies medicine work on hives,but don't take any allergies medicine for hives. prescribe anti-histamine drugs like, Benadryl and Claritin that reduce the allergic reaction on the skin.

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Stress, usually psychological can cause urticaria or hives. There seems to be no correlation in urticaria that are predicated by stress vs hives from an allergy. This is something for an allergist to look at and test you for allergies that cause your hives. No, allergy medicine has no known efficacy on psychological urticaria.

Hives from allergy or stress?

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