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Hives in children?

 Hives in children?

My 4 year old has had hives since last Friday (6 days). I noticed them when I picked her up from preschool. She's never had hives before. We cannot figure out the cause. Changed our detergent to Dreft (hasn't helped) eliminated most common allergy foods (hasn't helped). We saw the doctor Saturday and they don't say much except to give her Benadryl. but even that doesn't seem to help. She still has these hives. they are constant. May go away for an hour, but back again fierce after that – covering her face, hands, legs, butt etc……

2 days ago she vomited a few times, and now has diahhrea which makes me think that maybe the hives came on because she was getting a viral infection?

I'm just looking for some answers from people who have experienced something like this with their children and how long the hives lasted? Treatments you did that helped rid your child of the hives? Help!

I'd suggest bathing her with hypo allergenic soap, but if she's vomiting and has diarrhea you need to contact her pediatrician.

well i had hives august 17 !! it was my first time and they changed my life like im scared to get asthma … etc i never used to have fears i just used to be happy niw im just scared

but here are the things that helped me
i took benadryl or claritin
and take a v8 every 4 hours and those are a miracle!!

its an old home remedy but it works!! omg!!

if these dont work go to an allergist they give you test to see what your child is allergic to

if you smell something or lotions they usuallt last 3 to 4 days if its something they ate it usually lasts 4to7 days mine lasted for 2 weeks because i came in contact with it again

i still dont know what it is but im going to an allergist soon icon smile Hives in children? )

hope i helped

(v8 will work trust me your child will be so happy when there gone hope i helped and feel free to contact me if you need help:DD)

is she stressed about something or nervous? this often brings on hives and as long as she feels like this, she will have the hives and possibly get more. talk to her, notice how shes acting. goodluck.

the allergist is the person you really need to see. My grandson gets hives, as well. I put calamine lotion on him, as well as giving him the benedryl. Sometimes, I get prescribed tougher drugs for him, as well. I have noticed that when he is upset, and he doesn't want to show it……….he gets hives, as well. He's a very nice little 6 year old who doesn't want to be anything but a good child. Dealing with his elder brother (12) is, often, hard for him to do……….so, he breaks out. I get hives when I am keeping things 'inside' as well. I know it is for real, and it is horribly itchy, painful. Be sure you are keeping hands clean with the instant sanitizers, as scratching may lead to MRSA and you do not want that. My niece breaks out in hives if she even touches potato peelings! There are strange things that we can be allergic to. Inner feelings can do it just as badly. are you putting baking soda into his bath, as well? It can help a bit. Good luck! I'd really like to hear, if you find the solution to his 'not' getting hives! My family is usually covered in them, for the slightest use of something we're allergic to that is just normal stuff for other people.

Hives in children?

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