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Hives in Pregnancy

 Hives in Pregnancy

Hives is a common skin problem that often irritates you with a lot of itching and burning like sensation. Women and children are more prone to hives as compared to adult men. Hives in pregnancy is not very common among women but in some rare cases it can be found. Basically hives are allergic reaction that appears as raised red or pale colored welts areas on the skin. Hives continuously changes their location each time they reappear. they often occur in clusters and can even change their shapes and location on the body. they are usually found on legs, arms and back.

Hives in pregnancy is neither harmful to the mother nor to the baby in the womb but the itching can be very irritating to the woman. As the size of womb increases, the abdomen skin becomes thin and dry which can increase the chances of hives among the pregnant women . In such cases, the most affected areas remain breasts, abdomen, back of legs, etc. Moreover, the increase in the hormone production during pregnancy also stimulates the dryness of the skin that causes itching.

PUPPP (pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy) is a skin condition similar to hives which can be found among the pregnant women. In most of the cases Hives remains harmless but if they occur in genitals parts then is always better to refer to a doctor. Pregnancy hives rarely lasts longer and often disappear after a few weeks of pregnancy. These are more common in the first-time pregnancy cases. the chances of hives increase in case a pregnant woman is carrying twins in her womb.

The actual cause of the hives in pregnancy remains unknown but there are certain factors that can trigger the onsets of hives during pregnancy. the first and most important factor is the hormonal imbalance especially progesterone and estrogen hormones. this hormonal imbalance triggers the production of IgE antibodies in the blood stream which in turn bind with the mast cells on the skin and hence the production of histamine increases.

Treatment of pregnancy hives starts with the use of anti histamine drugs like Atarx and Zyrtec. Drugs like Benadryl and Claritin are not prescribed by the doctors in the first trimester of pregnancy. also calamine lotions can provide immense relief to the patient suffering from hives. In some of the more severe cases of hives, a doctor may prescribe some oral steroids to the patient also.

Hives in Pregnancy

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