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Hives Symptoms

 Hives Symptoms

Hives are common skin infections and most people have to suffer through the infection at one certain point of time of their life. The severity of the infection is not in great degree but they can make the skin patchy and look ugly. The hives is also known as the utricaria. They appear as rash or itchy red swollen surfaces. There can be several causes behind the occurrence of hives. The primary reason for the development of the hives is in take of food that causes allergies, subjected to some medication, exposure to sun and such. Some children even get attacked with hives allergies because of continuous stroking of the skin known as the dermographism.

The following are certain symptoms of hives that would help you to detect the skin allergy at an early age.

Common Hives Symptoms

oThe hives has a typical appearance of a red or a pinkish elevated skin surface.
oThe affected skin parts are also very itchy.
oThe hives occur either as one single patch or may also occur in groups.
oThe hives occur in varying shapes and sizes. Some can be very minute hardly the area of a finger tip while few others can be as large as a half dollar size. Sometimes the small sized hives join with one another and develop as a huge one to cover almost the entire abdomen of a child.
oThe hives generally do not last long. They appear and go away within twenty four hours. But in most cases the hives never completely get cured. If an old hives vanishes in some part of the body a new hives usually grows in the other part of the body.
oIn case hives survive for a longer period of time then you are recommended to take your child to a doctor for effective diagnosis. There are many other skin allergies like the erythem or the multiforme that resemble a hives infection.

Some hives can also be stinking and so one should be careful enough to deal with the hives allergy with patience. A person can also have hives as one of the side effects of a chronic form of viral fever. Along with the hives the person suffering from viral fever would also be experiencing sore throat, runny nose and cough. In case of repeated attacks of hives and along with other unusual allergic reaction the patient must be taken under immediate medication attention.

Hives Symptoms

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