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Hives – Symptoms Causes and medicine

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Hives Remedies Reviews

Urticaria [hives] is not a disease but a common skin problem/condition and can affect both sexes though it seems to be more common in women. The health can appear without the man being allergic to anything, heat and grass/lawn are some of the common causes and the rash will fade from one part of the body only to re-appear on someone else part.

The rings or patches appear due to a chemical publish in the body [histamine] when the man is exposed to unavoidable irritants or allergens. The patches ordinarily only last for a day but there have been cases of more serious hives where they fade today only to re-appear tomorrow, the health is hard for a physician to treat due to the short duration of the rash. Angioedema is someone else form of Urticaria, which involves deeper swelling; this can be quite disturbing as the rash can affect the mucus membranes [lips or eyes]. This form is regularly quite short in duration and as secure as normal hives.

* Rings, blotches or patches on the skin – these are red, lumpy or raised* Wheals or welts – someone else manifestation of the condition* Intense itching* Burning or stinging sensation* common areas – the legs arms and trunk* convert size – can go from small to large rapidly* Mobility – can move from one area to the next

More serious symptoms – ordinarily due to a serious reaction [medication, bee sting, etc]

* Pain – some pain may be felt* Dizziness* Shortness of breath* Rapid or irregular heart beats* mystery in swallowing* Loss of consciousness

* Tight clothing* Jewelry – reaction to unavoidable metals* Environment – exposure to pollen, insect stings/bites, pet hair, grass etc.* ultimate heat or cold* sweat* Stress

* Sea food allergies* some medication – penicillin, aspirin, some anti-inflammatory etc.* Food allergies – peanuts, eggs, etc.* Food additives – sulfites and salicylates

1) Find the trigger – it is leading to find the cause of the problem, be it per hair or grass and try to avoid contact as much as possible.2) it is very leading to stop the itching, especially in youngsters – scratching causes skin lesions and these in turn can be infected.3) Calamine lotion – very good for easing the itchiness of the rash4) Cover the area with milk of magnesia – dab this liquid onto the lesions, the alkalinity of this will support with the itching5) Cold compress – this will ease the itch and the pain.6) Soothe the patients nerves – get them to drink an herbal tea, chamomile is known for its stress reducing powers.7) Cornstarch – helps with the itch, soak in a tub of warm water with 1/2 cup of both cornstarch and baking soda, d this once a day for the duration of the rash. 1303381875 41 Hives – Symptoms Causes and medicine Aloe Vera – apply to the affected area daily9) Avoid any foods that you think may be causing the problem10) convert your medication if this is the cause – go see your physician for this

There is no specific cause for this qoute and it cannot be cured. The symptoms of this health can be treated with great relief to the sick person and it is advised that you go see your physician if the hives last longer than usual and occur more frequently. Delaying treatment for this lasting health may growth the damage to you skin etc.

Hives – Symptoms Causes and medicine

Hives Remedies

Hives – Symptoms Causes and medicine

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