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Hives symptoms?

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I have recently been dealing with my first case of hives, been going on for about 6 weeks now, is overall better but randomly I get swelling for example of my bottom lower lip, "one" finger etc…
Is this random odd swelling of specific and isolated spots really just hives?? Kinda scares me….I think it's hives, just so odd, otherwise, I'm very healthy. Any serious input would be appreciated. I will be seeing the allergist for a follow up visit tomorow. he has already done two blood test and can't find anything I am allergic to. he said it will probably just go away in a couple of months. The odd swelling worries me, as well as the uncomfortable itchiness of the hives themselves.

Sounds like it could be stress also. I did the same thing once when i moved, lasted a few weeks and went away. I itched like crazy, and it happens occasionally still when i am under more stress

Stress plays a big role when you develop hives. it can be treated consult with you Doctor. It' nothing you should worry about. Relax and see you Dr.

Try putting ice on your hives. It should help reduce the swelling and will help with itching also. I have been getting hives for about 10 years and I am told they come from stress. when I get them real bad I have to take steriods to reduce the swelling. And an anti itch pill also. but I have found that using ice or very cold water helps. Good luck I hope you soon get over them.

Usually hives are either stress related or allergy related. just to be sure what you have, see a doctor …. in case it is a symptom of a disease.

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Hives symptoms?

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