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Hives – The Simple Facts and the Cures

 Hives   The Simple Facts and the Cures

What is Hives: The skin becomes covered with pinkish or red bumps or swollen areas of skin. sometimes they itch real bad, and at other times they don’t. you can get hives over most of your body, or sometimes just on your stomach, or arms. The medical name for hives is urticaria.

What causes Hives: Hives are usually caused by being allergic to something. But they can occur when a person is exposed to anything that causes his body to release histamine. Releasing histamine causes liquid to leak from blood vessels under the skin. when this fluid collects or ‘pools’ together it creates the bumps that are called ‘hives’.

My daughter and I both have had hives, and we both got them from the same reasons, we were allergic to medications given for other illnesses. I got hives from taking penicillin, even though I took penicillin most of my life with no side effects, I now find myself very allergic to it. My daughter got hives from taking ‘Ceclore’, a prescription antibiotic, for an ear infection. you can also get hives from insect bites and stings and from allergic reactions to eating fish, shellfish, nuts, and eggs. Strangely, you can eat a food item all your life, then suddenly develop an allergy to it, like I did to the medication Penicillian.

Treatment for Hives: when my daughter and I both developed hives from medicine allergies, we were given Benadryl, and stopped taking the medicines that caused the hives to first appear, in a day or two they were gone. They are usually treated with an antihistamine or the prescription medicine Atarax.

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Hives – The Simple Facts and the Cures

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