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Hives Treatment Can Be In The Form of Over The Counter Applications or Homespun Natural Remedies

 Hives Treatment Can Be In The Form of Over The Counter Applications or Homespun Natural Remedies

Hives treatment is one of the most commonly sought medical interventions. Each year, thousands of people develop a case of hives, or urticaria. the raised, red or skin colored welts which characterize hives can cause extreme discomfort when they become very itchy, but generally hives are not serious. For rare cases which become serious, emergency medical treatment may be necessary.

In most cases, hives are an allergic reaction. Though they affect the skin hives can be caused by either contact with or ingestion of an allergen. the most common causes of hives are allergic reaction to certain medications such as antibiotics or codeine, ingestion of foods like shellfish, chocolate or berries or contact with pollen and cat dander.

The key to any successful hives remedy is to first identify the allergen and cease contact with it. If an allergen can’t be immediately traced, it is usually sensible to stay away from the known main triggers of hives until the rash subsides.

The main symptom of hives is a raised, circular shaped series of welts which normally appear on the throat, arms, legs and torso. They can range in size and number, depending on the severity of the case. the welts will usually change shape and size and even location, but they can always be recognized by persistent, severe itching. in some cases, hives can also cause swelling of the lips face and tongue. Occasionally, this swelling can lead to difficulty breathing. in these cases, hives treatment should include the use of a bronchodilator or direct shots of epinephrine.

Once they have been diagnosed, you can begin to treat the symptoms with an over the counter antihistamine such as Benadryl or Claritin. If your case of skin hives is more severe or fails to respond to over the counter treatments, your doctor may prescribe something stronger. If you begin to experience swelling of the throat or difficulty breathing and you don’t have access to an epinephrine kit for allergies, you should seek emergency medical care immediately. If you do have an allergy kit, make use of it first and then seek emergency care. It is always safer to receive trained care for severe reactions rather than try to cure yourself with a home hives remedy.

For less severe cases of hives, there are several effective forms of self help which you can use to relieve symptoms. using cool compresses or taking a cool bath can help to ease itching. never take hot baths, as this will only exacerbate symptoms. You’ll also want to avoid any activity which would cause you to sweat. No matter what form of hives treatment you use, be sure to wear light, loose fitting clothing and try to relax as stress can also worsen symptoms.

Because hives can be the result of an allergic reaction to medication, if you are taking any medication when you experience them, stop treatment and consult your doctor immediately while taking an antihistamine to alleviate symptoms. most cases of skin hives will clear themselves up within a few days, but some may last for weeks or reoccur at regular intervals. If you develop a recurring allergic reaction, talk to your doctor and try to identify the cause so that you can avoid it in the future. If you have a food allergy, you should never hesitate to check with any restaurant you may be eating in to find out if they have any hidden allergy triggers in their food.

Though they can be persistent and uncomfortable, hives are generally easily treated. If cool baths or compresses don’t do the trick for hives treatment, you can try applying a paste of three teaspoons baking soda to one teaspoon of water directly to the rash to relieve itching and swelling. It is also important to keep your fingernails closely trimmed and avoid scratching at any cost as this can promote the spread of the rash from your hands to other areas of your body.

It is never pleasant to experience the hives, but it doesn’t have to be all consuming. With easy home remedies and over the counter drugs, most cases of hives can be easily cured and for those that don’t respond to these treatments, your doctor can prescribe stronger medicines to help. If you’re itching, just remember to relax, stay calm and breathe easy.it may feel like the end of the world, but your hives will be gone before you know it

Hives Treatment Can Be In The Form of Over The Counter Applications or Homespun Natural Remedies

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