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Hives is an allergic reaction of our body. there are lots of things that can cause us hives, with the food we eat we can get the rashes, actually a lot of samples that can cause hives. hives is also known as urticaria. A very common skin rashes. sometimes it's so usual to see it on your skin and it just suddenly gone without noticing it.

there are four (4) different types of Hives and they are the following:

1. Acute Urticaria – this type is usually caused bu food allergy after eating food like seafoods, eggs, nuts and a lot more. 

2. Chronic Urticaria – This type is the most difficult to treat or cure and it stays long on your body.

3. Drug Induced Urticaria  - obviously by the name itself, allergy caused by induced drug. having allergies on some medicine. like a friend of mine who is being allergic to paracetamol. she is having color pink rashes right after taking the paracetamol. Wel, she has to sometimes when there is no available medicne for her.

4. Physical – This type is caused by cold, too much heat and other things that has something to do with the environment.

sometimes hives are quick to leave you and before you start curing it, you will find out that it's already gone and you feel good again. there are lots of treatment for hives to go away. They just go away on their own.

there are Natural HIVES Treatment that can help you if you are always with allergy. before treating the condition you should know what are causing hives, this will enable you to know that you should avoid food or drugs that gives you rashes. It is annoying because it is itchy and disturbing. By knowing the Hives Rash Treatment & cure will educate you on how to protect yourself. It is antihistamine that most people and doctors are using to get rid of hives but there are natural ways to cure this can be fould in the leaf of Quercetin, they call it a natural antihistamine.

If  you think this is your first time to experience hives, you should check or play detective of what causes of your hives. there are lots of things that causes you to have allergies or rashes and sometimes it is difficult to determine. Once you know that when you eat something like with eggs, you get the rashes you can now go to your doctor for check up and to know of course what to do to treat the rashes.

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Hives Treatments

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