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Hives/Skin Rash Problem?

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Hi everyone, I'm a 16 year old and for the past two weeks I've had hives, red bumps (sometimes big flat bumps in clusters on my skin) found usually on my forearm, neck, back, stomach/chest, face, and even feet. It's been two weeks and they haven't gone away, some days they are less but sometimes they break out extremely.

Could anyone please help me to get rid of these hives? I' haven't changed my diet or anything so I have no idea how I got these hives. Here are somethings that may be useful;

– I first saw the hives after running outside in cold weather with a sweater and thin jacket on once I came in the house. However, sometimes I get the hives when I'm not even in cold whether or even when I'm feeling warm. I never had problems before with cold weather.

– The most I broke out was when, again, I was running in extreme cold weather with my friends and we went to McDonalds. I already had hives before I went outside in the cold, but once I reach McDonalds and ate a burger with fries and coke I broke out even more with big welts everywhere.

Could it be the cold? But how is it I get hives even when I'm not cold and feeling hot? Please help me get rid of these hives, thanks for any help.

I have checked out every diet known to mankind but nothing worked as well as colon cleanse. I appreciate they say that pills will not work, but they sure worked for me, and they've been featured on CBS News too. there is a free trial happening currently at http://tigefs.newkeepfit4you.info , try it, what have you got to lose?

there may be many possible causes for those rashes. it can be an allergy, chicken pox, measles, small pox etc.

– ask your mom if you have any deficient vaccines. this may give a hint on the possible cause.
– also check if the hives or rashes contain pus/ clear liquid/ nothing
– do you have fever? check with a thermometer if temp is above 37.4 degrees

– have a check up with your doctor to know whats really causing it and to know the right treatment

take a moment to drop by your doctor to confirm

when your hands become red & itchy do they swell when you touch something cold? if they do you could have cold urticaria. it is not only when you come into contact with something cold but when you excercise the sweat cools the body – and bring on hives. eating and drinking cold items will also cause hugh problems. when the skin warms the hives will get worse. it can effect your breathing as well. place in ice cube on your forearm for 5 min. take it off and do not touch the area if a hive comes out and it could be a big one, you need to go and see an alergist. IT is a big pain in the a## here in michigan in the winter!!!!

Food allergies usually develop overtime with increased exposure. I used to never be allergic to anything and am now deathly allergic to latex, strawberries, raspberries, kiwi, bananas, avocado, passion fruit, tuna, shellfish, and a few more and am starting to become allergic to peanuts. I was around your age when they first developed too. for now, try an antihistamine like benadryl. But you may want to make an appointment with an allergist to have prick tests done to determine exactly what you are allergic to so you can avoid it (they prick an area with a small needle and put a few drops of concentrated allergen on top, wait awhile, and compare it to a control prick with no allergen to see if any reaction has occurred. This is what I had to have done when I was in high school. They also check allergens like molds, grasses, trees, animals, etc. As long as you know what you are allergic to, you will know what to avoid and can lead a pretty normal life. just get it checked out soon because the reactions will worsen with each time you are exposed so you don't want to wait until you are so allergic to whatever it is that you get anaphylactic shock from it. If you still have hives or trouble breathing, etc, after being diagnosed and avoiding the allergen, a doctor can prescribe a simple daily prescription med. I take clairinex for food allergies because I will get hives if one of my friends or a family member eats something I'm allergic to and is around me I am that sensitive (throat swells shut if I touch a strawberry). for seasonal allergies, molds, or animals, there are many options such as clairtin, zyrtec, singulair (if your respiratory system is being affected or if you have asthma too). for sudden breakouts, take benadryl so be sure to always carry some. If your allergy becomes more severe you may need to carry an epi-pen. so as someone speaking from experience, make sure to get it checked out. there are other possibilities besides allergies, but if you think you are getting hives and not some other rash, you most likely are developing some type of allergy.
There are a few autoimmune diseases associated with the cold weather. You might want to research a few of these since I don't know what your rash looks like and if they are really hives or something else. One specific one comes to mind because I have it– raynaud's phenomenon. it has to do with cold weather, usually resulting in a bluish color but in some cases can be in the form of a rash or some sores. there are so many autoimmune diseases out there it would be hard to narrow it down on your own, so a seeing a doctor is definitely advised if this continues and is not an allergy.

Oh, and P.S. DON'T DO THE "COLON CLEANSE". that won't help much for an immune response and comes with many possible complications. even if it were to work, it would be putting a band-aid on a bullet wound. you need a long term solution if this is an allergy or autoimmune problem.

Hives/Skin Rash Problem?

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