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How can I make hives stop itching?

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My brother has what we think are hives they are really annoying him.he can't go to the doctors till tomorrow so I need ideas how to make them stop itching.It seems like they are going away a bit then coming back.I don't know what caused it either he has tried to take a hot and cold bath and itching cream.

First you need to find out what the cause is.
Take some Benedryle (sp) and use some hydrocortizone cream…it is is really bad and he had difficulty breathing then you go to the emergency room…
Not hot but cool compress might help too…but I always found the wetness aggravating it more….
I hope it's not too serious. Good luck.

Try using witch hazel. you can also try a cucumber compress–just peel a cucumber, then slice it up. put the slices and ice cubes in a blender, blend it up, apply inside gauze to the area.

Panadol etc. in the correct dose will help and cold rather than hot packs. Check his breathing, if it gets worse through the night ring an ambulance or get him to hospital, could be an allergic reaction. Keep an eye on him.

Hydrocortisone cream.
It works wonders. also, Benadryl.

you folks needa go to the ER
but if not you can use bynadril dont know if thats the correct spelling….

apply moisturizers or apply dermicool or some good cool talc
let it stay cool for sometime…
try to put some haldi (turmeric powder)

benadryl was the only thing that helped me until I went to the doctor! :]

How can I make hives stop itching?

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